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Peace and Quiet with Five Star Amenities

Immersive, One-of-a-Kind Resort



Tired of resorts that look just like city hotels in your hometown? Plantation Bay is built like a village, with most rooms directly fronting an extensive private lagoon and artificial beaches.

Eye-soothing low-rise architecture. Comfortable, well-appointed, spacious (at least 46 square meters, 490 square feet) rooms with elegant bathrooms (separate tub and shower, large counter area). Romantic King 4-Posters in some rooms, practical two Queens in others. Multi-generation families, couples, singles, business-persons, and work-from-home types happily co-exist here.



Money-Back Guarantee! If upon arrival you decide you’re not happy here, say so within 4 hours of checking in, and YOU’RE OFF THE HOOK. We’ll give you your money back, help you book elsewhere in Metro Cebu, and take you there for free. (Not applicable to special offers explicitly described as non-refundable.) Click here for details.

The Plantation Bay Room and Restaurant Satisfaction Guarantee. We would like all our guests to feel they made the right choice in coming here. And most of our guests do, so we can afford to be liberal with those who don’t:

Immediate change of heart after checking in. If after arrival you do not think you would enjoy your stay, please advise us (by calling a Duty Manager or the Front Office Manager) within 4 hours of checking in, and we will do the following:

  1. Waive your room charge for the day (but not your charges for food, goods, or services if any);
  2. In case you made any advance payment or deposit, even for peak or blackout periods,
    the entire amount will be refunded to you by the same method/channel you used to pay;
  3. Help you book at another hotel in metropolitan Cebu; and
  4. Provide you with free chauffeur-driven transportation to that hotel;
  5. The provisions of this guarantee do not apply to guests refused check-in or ejected, for either obnoxious behavior or refusal to comply with the Resort’s policies. Plantation Bay does not suffer ill-mannered guests or those who think they can intimidate the natives. By not wasting our time and energy on a few unreasonable guests, we leave our management and staff in good humor to serve normal guests better. If we do reject or eject you, after you have paid us in full for all the goods and services you have consumed, we will escort you to our front gate and bid you goodbye.

You must, however, actually come. Our normal policies apply to no-shows and reservation cancellations made prior to check-in.

Early departure vis-à-vis the number of nights reserved. If after staying a day or more during a non-peak and non-blackout period, you decide to cut short your reserved stay, you will only be charged for the days actually stayed (you must of course leave by 12 Noon, our standard check-out time). In case you made any advance payment or deposit, the unused balance will be refunded to you in Philippine peso equivalent. Please note however that if you were accorded a discount due to the length of stay booked, an early departure may disqualify you from the discount, and the rate for the days you actually stayed will be calculated accordingly. This section does not apply to peak dates or dates that are “blacked out”, i.e., dates for which advance payment in full is required (roughly 30 days a year are peak or blackout dates); in respect of such dates, no refunds will be given for early departures.

Unsatisfactory food. When dining or drinking at any of our restaurants (but not our dinner shows or open buffets), if after eating or drinking 25% or less of the serving, any dish or drink is not to your absolute satisfaction, please advise our staff and there will be no charge for it. (We will of course offer you alternatives.) Please do this instead of just grousing about your meal later, when we can no longer ascertain exactly what the problem was or whether any staff member warrants correction.

And if you need to cut your stay short for any reason, we’ll refund your balance (peak periods excluded).

Hardly any other hotel in the world will do either of these, because they’d rather have your money than your trust.



Just 30 minutes to the airport (free transfers) or the center of Cebu City, yet MORE leisure activities than any other resort in the country. Most of the usual marine activities. Scuba (dive sites just offshore or 15 minutes by boat), island cruises and picnics, wall-climbing, archery, tennis, pickleball, badminton, Arcade Games, Gym, Children’s Boot Camp and daily activities, Botanical Tour, Bird-watching guide, Imaginative Team-Building Games, Diabolic Dunking Device, Jello-Man Multithlon Fun Challenge, Name-Game Quiz, golf (nearby), mall/shopping/gaming (about 20 minutes by free shuttle), whale-shark watching and other excursions (whole day). But wait, there’s more!



Four distinctive restaurants — Asian-Seafood by the sea, with indoor or under-the-stars dining; elegant Mediterranean-Steak in a stunning Art Nouveau setting; an authentic American Diner; and a fresh-air International coffee shop surrounded by the main swimming pool and the saltwater lagoon. All serve superb dishes, some of which we proudly say are the best of their kind. Come discover how we can claim that. Click here to see some of the dishes we’re most proud of, and why.

And a lot of it is even healthy (where possible)! Okay, deep-fried and sugary foods are not so good for you. But for most of our frying needs we use olive oil and what is increasingly regarded one of the healthiest oils, coconut. At every restaurant we offer a selection of Vegan, Vegetarian, and Seafood dishes. Unlike most hotels we make our own pastries and ice creams, even our own hamburger patties, avoiding unhealthy preservatives and additives. We also offer low-calorie, sugar-free, and non-dairy desserts. Eat hearty! Click here for a discussion of Plantation Bay’s food selection and preparation practices.



A Japanese-inspired health and relaxation Spa unlike any other, a resort within the Resort. Hot, cold, and saltwater pools, needle-shower, waterfall, sauna, steam-bath, manicure, hair-trim, and full range of therapies.

Experience genuine service from the friendliest and most helpful staff, and a strict No-Tipping Policy so you can relax and enjoy yourself, without having to constantly worry about whom, when, or how much to tip. Come, and find out for yourself.

MORE space per guest than any other resort in the world anywhere near this price range. 11 has. (28 acres) for 250 rooms. Four large freshwater swimming pools and huge central lagoon. No fights over pool loungers, and everyone is always front-line. Yet, unlike any of our competition in Mactan, safe for responsible older children to be left to themselves; our layout explains why.

Fewer insects than most tropical resorts. Environmentally-neutral bio-attractants and mechanical traps substantially reduce the populations of the most pesky insects, making for a safer, more pleasant holiday for all.



Stop, and SMELL the roses (figuratively).

Take the time to notice the many subtle and unexpected delights of Plantation Bay - the cooling shade of a majestic Philippine acacia, original art and evocative architectural details in our dining outlets, quiet corners for smooching or meditation, a Lobby that whispers in travel metaphors, gargoyles hidden in rockwork, daily-changing theme breakfast buffets, custom bathtubs built for two, informative and witty building and botanical signage, a Margarita that's better than any you'll find in Mexico, a rare style of understated service no longer found except in aristocratic Old World homes. . .

And the actual changing fragrances of jasmine, dama de noche, frangipani, palo maria, and other flowering plants and trees.

Plantation Bay is a Non-Smoking property, but manages to be smoker-friendly, too. Comfortable, lighted, ventilated smoking kiosks are conveniently located near key outdoor walkway intersections so smokers can smoke in peace without bothering others. Click to see what a typical kiosk looks like.



Peace and Quiet. Telephones and audible electronics are strictly prohibited in the gym, Spa, and most dining venues. Parents are enjoined to ensure their children don’t bother others with repeated screaming or crying tantrums. High noise levels also endanger guest safety as they desensitize staff, who might not respond to a genuine emergency as tragically happens in many resorts around the world. Unlike most hotels, Plantation Bay actually enforces its rules and policies. Ill-behaved, self-entitled people, and Telephone Addicts will not be happy here; please book elsewhere.

But if you want a real break from your high-stress life, we’re the resort for you.

Book now! See you soon!

The luxury of space, the gift of time.


Sample Prices

(in Philippine Peso)


Policies on room occupancy, bringing in food, and friends and visitors.

Room Occupancy

The hotel has generous limits for the maximum occupancy of our various rooms. These limits are for guest safety and comfort, as well as to avoid excessive wear and tear. Please respect these limits and do not entertain visitors or bring extra persons into your hotel guest room except for brief periods during the day but not later than 6 PM, or this will occasion an Undeclared Guest charge of $100 per person per day.

Friends and Visitors

While of course you are welcome to invite local friends and relatives to see you or dine with you at the resort, for visitors who wish to use the lagoons, swimming pools, or other leisure facilities there will be a per person charge of $25 nett per person (children aged 0-12 are charged half) per day.

Should the hotel discover that your unregistered visitors are using the facilities, a $100 fine per person (regardless of age) per day will be charged. Use of our facilities for registered visitors is from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Bringing in of Food

Plantation Bay is a 5-star resort and not a public picnic ground or beer garden. Guests are welcome to bring in moderate quantities of food but not so much as to constitute a party or a picnic, which would adversely affect the atmosphere and the cleanliness of the resort. Pre-cooked food in pots or plasticware is explicitly covered by this policy. Except for snacks, such food should not be consumed outside your guestroom, and not on your balcony. If, in the hotel’s sole opinion, you have brought in or consumed an amount of food in excess of “moderate”, corkage charges will be applied. A Cleanup and Trash Disposal Fee of $200 per room per day will also be imposed.

Smoking and bringing in products with lingering odor

There are designated smoking areas spread around the resort. Smoking and e-cigarettes, durian, kimchi, and other products which leave a lingering odor are not permitted in guest rooms, balconies, building common areas, and any areas used for dining or relaxing. Failure to observe these prohibitions will occasion a US$200 per day or occurrence special cleaning charge.